Mark 6:31

Need to Breathe



". . . Come away by yourselves . . . and rest a while" Mark 6:31



Better to break out than to break down. No one understood this better than Jesus. The disciples were human and were tired. They had served with Jesus and had been sent out to teach and minister. They had been running on an adrenalin high, while at the same time, dealing with the sorrow of the cruel murder of John the Baptist. They were in desperate need of rest and recharge. 

We tend to think of the Christian life as staying strong and faithful in our daily duties, constantly facing down temptation, being consistent in our moral and ethical life, and witnessing to others. All the while staying excited and positive in the presence of others. The life of faith is that, but it's more than that - there needs to be times of refreshing.

Jesus is more considerate of our condition than we are. Burning yourself out in the work of the kingdom is not impressive to Jesus. Jesus asks His disciples to do a little and do it well, then He leads His disciples towards times of rest. It's His move, to prevent breaking down, in order to prolong service. 

He does not expect more of us than our body can handle. He asks of us what we can do, "come to a quiet place" "and get some rest," these words are full of deep wisdom. Our Lord knows we need room to breathe and attend to our own soul, as well as, the souls of others. He knows that constant attention to public work is apt to make us forget our own private soul business. While we are taking care of the needs of others, we neglect our own life and become cynical. We must watch over our heart with diligence. The success of our ministry is directly related to the success of our inner life. Make it a point to come apart, before you fall apart.



Jesus asked His friends to rest. Find a few minutes today you can spend alone with Jesus.