Mark 6:30-40

Reading Together


Read: Mark 6:30-40



You are not in charge. This is not news; for most Christians we know it intuitively. There is the memory of each of us acknowledging His lordship over our life. But every now and then, it's easy to slip back into the old, selfish way of living. We decide we are going to be in charge. We let our personal experience do the leading. 

The results of living this way is not encouraging. It creates people with spiritual interest, but without any real direction of who, or what, they are becoming. It leads to accumulating an ego-centered, spiritual potpourri of self-help and pop psychology. To understand we are not in charge, we have to be in front of something much bigger than us. 

This is why, as a church, we read the scriptures together. An interest in the soul, apart from any interest in scripture, leaves us without a text to shape us. By reading the same text together, we are reminded that we are not in charge; there is an authority, a voice which has a bigger say so than us. Reading the text as a community re-establishes the Bible as the center text for living the Christian life deeply and well. It places personal experience under the authority of the Bible not over it.

Reading the text together guards against fragmenting the scripture, cherry-picking a hand full of verses. Instead, we enter into God’s story, slowly, week-by-week, line-by-line, we learn the language of the soul, the way God speaks to us. We move beyond ourselves, we become formed and defined by God’s story. We become God aware. We learn God doesn't make speeches, He enters conversations. 

Whether we know it or not, the text assumes we are participants in what is written. We are not bystanders or eavesdroppers. As a church, we read and listen, and we are brought into active participation by God’s challenging, inviting, rebuking, comforting, and directing us.

From beginning to end, we take part in His story. 

The text read together administers a verbal jolt to our ears, surprising us out of our hurried life and self-defeating addictions. We take in the text, then live it in our everyday roles and routines. We don't waste any of it, we use it up and we return on Sunday to read again.



Read Mark 6:30-40 and, if you haven't already, watch this week’s sermon online or on the app. Hear what our church is hearing.