1 Peter 2:23

Can You Stand Where He Stood?



". . . kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously;" 1 Peter 2:23



Do you think you've got it bad? Do you wish this day was over with already? From where you stand things look tough and trying, it feels like hope has run out in you. There is encouragement in the struggle. One has only to lift their eyes above their storms and struggles to look to all Jesus endured.

Jesus endured more than we are ever called to suffer, yet spoke no words of impatience. He endured His suffering at the hands of injustice, and was cruelly and wrongly treated, yet only submission to the Father was exemplified through Him. He uttered no resentful words. In the face of accusations, Jesus held His peace. His sufferings were many and acute, but He did not give in to the impulse of sarcasm or revenge.

We only have to look down the road He traveled to see where He stood. Christ’s endurance gives the example for every disciple to follow. Where He stood is where we are called to stand – placing our feet in the foot marks of where He stood. We stand not in the mocking, but the meekness; not the scourging, but the submission; not the dread and desertion of the Father’s love, but in the unrelenting devotion. We, like the Son, cry out to the Father, "Father, forgive them." Like Jesus, we are called to live in complete surrender to the Will of God. His endurance is to be our pattern.

This way of living is completely contrary to the way we live. Our way of living often is in utter opposition to the high-spirited way of Jesus. We have such thin skin, the most minor insult sets us into defense mode, hurling back insult for insult, all while we call ourselves disciples. Do we ever remember to stop and stand where He stood? The cross is the ground for all our peace and hope, it's also our pattern for living.

Your bad day will never match the days of Jesus’ suffering, but it is an opportunity to display your loyalty to the ways of Jesus, to cultivate the spirit of Christ, to act as His friend in tough situations. To stand where He stands is the lifelong practice of filling our heart with Holy ambition, to be conformed to His likeness.



Today, can you stand where He stood?