Mark 6:8

With Orders



"and He instructed them that they should take nothing for the journey . . ." Mark 6:8



The disciples were instructed not to take bread or money belt, nor two tunics nor a bag. Jesus was sending them on a sacred errand. He was giving them the terms of their service. The outward requirements formed their inner reality. They were to go in total dependence, true surrender and absolute submission to the One who was sending them.

In this day and age our sense of autonomy and fierce independence crowds out the work of God. None of us are "stand-alones." So, Jesus instructs His disciples to stay submitted to Him, not to control, but to free us from smallness of soul.

The spirit of submission lived out in biblical terms shapes the usability of a disciple’s life. A submitted life means we are aligned with His authority and we minister and serve according to Jesus’ authority. We live with an understanding that our power and influence comes from authority placed above us and is the source of our strength.

Our ability is not self-derived, it's delegated through an appointed order. The disciple’s acceptance of a submitted life brings Jesus’ work through us. The path down –submitting, is the way up – receiving authority. All power in the spiritual realm is to be exercised with the attitude of a servant. 

The submitted disciple learns there is a tactical advantage to carrying out the mission of Jesus in total dependence. We take nothing for the journey except willingness, humility and servanthood. True submission can never be forced, it’s an inner attitude of the heart. Only I can choose whether or not I will submit. If I'm not a willing participant in submission, I will not experience effectiveness in ministry.

Nothing reveals the heart of a disciple more than how they apply submission to the most basic areas of life. At work, a disciple is a trustworthy bearer of the task. In church, worshipping in a right spirit. As part of house church, being open and transparent with others. With the family, supporting each other and being a role model to your children.

Jesus calls His disciples to learn that the spirit of His kingdom is the spirit of submission.



"Lord, teach me my place.  I humbly yield to learning, growing and applying the attitude of submission in all the arenas of my life."