Mark 6:12




“They went out and preached that men should repent.” Mark 6:12



The disciples, up to this point, had observed Jesus ministering and speaking. When the crowds became too much, and He became weary, they had a boat ready. They had been trusted with various tasks, but now things were changing. Jesus was entrusting them with the truth and sending them out to minister to others. They went as He instructed. What happened to the twelve?

They went out and preached the gospel, preaching that the kingdom was at hand andthat people must turn from their sins in preparation for it. The result was they drove out demons and anointed the sick with oil and healed them.

The disciples experienced great power in bringing the gospel to an unbelieving world. It was repentance, deliverance and healing just as if Christ were physically there. This was a foretaste of what the church would do through the centuries as it operated in the power of the spirit of Jesus.

Jesus is giving you and me, his disciples, an upgrade. Jesus has gone to the Father and poured out His spirit on His church and His followers. Today His presence, His work is being experienced by others all around the world.

Can you hear Him speaking empowering words to you as He sends you out into the unbelieving world?  “I know you sometimes get discouraged. I know the world seems harsh and unresponsive to my message. But always remember I have ascended to the right hand of the Father, all authority has been given to me. It's on that basis that I send you forth to be my disciples. Everything I have overcome, you will overcome too. I commission you to go into the world and teach people all that I have commanded you. I promise to go with you, to bless the message and to overthrow strongholds of wickedness through your proclamation. I promise to bless your witness.”



What do you say when you hear those words in your spirit? Let your heart rise up in prayer "Yes, Lord, so be it, I will do all things through the strength of you, my God."