Mark 6:11

Shake it off



". . . shake the dust off . . ." Mark 6:11



Shake it off. Before it was a song, it was the direction Jesus gave to His disciples when encountering critics and naysayers. Was this meant to be an arrogant, egotistical, obnoxious way of spreading the message of Jesus? Not at all! It was customary for a devout Jew who had traveled in foreign regions to carefully shake the dust of alien lands from their feet and clothing. 

In doing so, they dissociated themselves from the pollution of those pagan lands and the judgment that was to come upon them. It was a merciful, prophetic act designed to make people think deeply about their spiritual condition. Jesus intended that this ceremonial act make a strong impression on the towns and villages and brought some to grace.

Today, there are times we must warn others of the judgment to come. Even though it’s not popular to speak of the consequences of one’s personal choices, we must never shrink back, especially in the face of rejection. When others reject you, don't dwell on it, don't rehash it, just keep moving. Go on to the next place God wants to take you.

Jesus makes it clear to His disciples that each individual person is responsible for how they respond when they hear the gospel. The disciples were not to blame if the message was rejected, as long as they had faithfully and carefully presented it. We are not responsible when others reject Christ’s message of salvation, but we do have the responsibility to share it faithfully with others. 



Today, practice shaking the dust off by not harboring the hurtful words of others, by being gracious under pressure, and by taking the high road instead of being offended.