Mark 6:7

Inspired Audacity



"And He . . . gave them authority over the unclean spirits; . . ." Mark 6:7



We fight from victory, not for it. The entire focus of Jesus’ earthly ministry was to defeat the work of the enemy. Because disease, sickness, war, death, sorrow and tears are not God’s will. And because He is all powerful, we have this confident assurance in His death, His resurrection and His coming. The enemy will be vanquished, God will end all sorrow and every evil which causes such sorrow, and will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

There are battles still to be fought. Jesus had taught his disciples that the world in which they lived had been caught up in a fierce battle between two rival kingdoms. The outcome of the war is settled, but there are still important battles to be fought. Fighting, then, is what the Christian life is all about. It's impossible to carry out Jesus’ mission without having to confront the enemy who always opposes the progress of the will of God. As His disciples, we are called to follow in His ways.

Jesus’ message and ministry had unprecedented authority, specifically because He preached it not only in word, but in works as well. Jesus not only spoke about the kingdom, He also embodied it. Wherever He went, He was about freeing people from the afflictions of the ruler of darkness. Through His teaching and deliverance, He systematically dismantled the kingdom of darkness. He calls us to do the same.

Jesus never commissioned His disciples to proclaim His message of freedom without giving them the power to perform it. For Jesus and His disciples, word and deed go hand-in-hand. Before Jesus sends them out, He gives them His authority over the godless, hostile forces. Nothing has changed since then.

Today, as His disciples, we have been given the inspired audacity to proclaim His message, that the Kingdom has come and to demonstrate His ministry of freedom. 



"Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me your authority to push back every attack of the enemy which comes my way."