Mark 6:8

Handcuffed by the Unseen



“And He wondered at their unbelief. . . .” Mark 6:6



This has to be one of the most amazing statements in the Bible, “He wondered at their unbelief.” Although Jesus is all powerful, He had voluntarily connected His work to their belief. It’s one thing to believe in Jesus as some do, be it a concept, or historical figure. It’s quite another to believe Him.

God has linked His power to the belief or unbelief of a human being; He will not enter a life where He is uninvited.  He will not dwell in a heart where He is unwanted. God has the power to change a life. He has the power to forgive sin yet, He will not unless we ask Him. It may be that the majority of people slap handcuffs on Jesus with their unbelief, but you don’t have to. 

Our belief affects out behavior, it’s unavoidable. The act of believing forms our disposition, and our disposition affects the atmosphere of our life. The belief of a church can affect the atmosphere of a city. The power of belief is quiet and unobtrusive, yet it emits the heat of faith, or the lack thereof. Our unbelief can bring the work of Jesus to a screeching halt.  

Here in verse 6, the gracious life-giving ministry of Jesus is frustrated by the dulling, deadening, stiff influence of those who are around Him. It’s best not to forget, the people who brought the work of Jesus to a standstill were church-going people. They had just come out of their synagogue from hearing the words of the prophets and singing the Psalms. This was the group that paralyzed the work of the Lord of Glory. They refused to place any stock in Him. They were critical, cynical and skeptical. Their lack of belief kept them from seeing Jesus with a sense of reverent awe. 



Do you believe Him? Do you believe in His mighty work? Do you believe He has the power to repeat them in our own day? Is your belief in Jesus an asset to the progress of the city?