1 Peter 2:24

Breaking Point



“. . . bore our sins in His body on the cross, . . .” 1 Peter 2:24



Don’t just read this verse, think about who is writing it. At the time of Peter’s writing, the majority of Rome’s population were slaves. They were treated as less than human. Peter instructs them to honor the king, as well as to submit to their masters. How, then, can we have the audacity to whine and complain about bosses and negative co-workers, when these believers served cruel masters and a demented king whose main objective was to kill them all? 

As His disciples, we are called to walk in conformity to the ways of Jesus.  As the believers of the early church faced persecution, they were not left on their own without a model to follow, for Christ had suffered, leaving an example to follow in His steps.

Do you feel resistance in your heart when you read these verses?  When He was being wrongly, cruelly, terribly treated, Jesus didn’t answer back, knowing we are called to have the same response. Yet, you know you can’t do it because you want to fight back; you want your opinion to be made known, you want to be heard, you feel the need to defend yourself.

There is a breaking point in each one of us.  It’s the point in our obedience when our soul screams out “this is not fair!” The breaking point is where the nails must be driven into every last stubborn part of us, when following Jesus is tougher than imagined. 

Yet, it’s also a point of illumination when we realize the cross is the way to handle every situation and circumstance that comes our way. Jesus’ death on Calvary illustrates that redemption comes to us in the form of a cross. Suffering love is God’s strategy, His only strategy, God redeems through the cross. We overcome by surrendering to the cross in love and obedience.



What’s your breaking point? Name it. Say it aloud. Now, will you let the Holy Spirit push you to a place of deeper obedience?