John 3:16




“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son . . .” John 3:16



The cross is not just about us. To emphasize only its personal benefits is to undersell its value, meaning and impact on the world. The death of Christ impacted the entire universe. The battle that was started by the cosmic Mafia was ended at the cross. Christ recaptured His rightful rule over the entire cosmos.

The enemy had taken the world and captured mankind. With His death, Christ defeated the enemy and his mob. His victory at the cross destroyed their power to keep people in darkness. The power is broken, but the presence of darkness still remains. There is still plenty of work to be done.

The cross not only defeated the power of the enemy; it also began to establish the kingdom of God on earth. As Christians, we have a place in Christ’s universal win, but we seem to have lost sight of our role in extending His earthly kingdom. Perhaps we never knew it. Salvation makes us ready to serve the greater purpose of God by defeating the enemy and making the defeat visible in this world.

At the moment of salvation, we receive a new nature. We are taken out of darkness and placed in the light. We are prepared to live as Jesus lived while on this earth. We, who were once ruled by the cosmic Mafia, are now the ones who work with God to destroy it. As bearers of His presence, we extend to our generation the invitation to come out of darkness and live in the light.

Salvation is what God does in us and through us. Bringing the presence of His kingdom to our world, is what God does through His believers. He does this first, through personal salvation and then, by sending out His light through our works. Each generation must find the most effective ways to demonstrate God’s presence within its culture.



Take your skill or service that you do professionally, and find ways to offer it freely to those who cannot afford it. Find ways to do this, so that you can remain anonymous.