Mark 14:32

In the In-Between



“..they came to a place named Gethsemane”…Mark 14:32



Everyone will go through it, at one time or another, just at a different age and stage. Some will proudly proclaim, “It’s not going to happen to me, I can manage this.” The idea that one can follow the Lord by simple determination leads to a rude awakening. Regardless of strengths, talents and resources, this moment will come and we will find ourselves facing an “in-between-moment.”

Every decision to follow God will be tested. Commitment is challenged during “in-between-moments”; we feel the pull from being caught between extremes, excitement/fear, hope/despair, love/hate, freedom/isolation, loss/life, or success/failure. All the “in-between” can take a toll on a person – losing yourself, falling into sin, moving away from the Lord.

Everyone will face “in-betweens,” even the best people will. In fact, the very best man encountered an “in-between-moment” in His own life.

Jesus had known all along the cross was coming. As a young boy living in Nazareth, He had seen the crosses with criminals hanging on them lining the road on the city’s outskirts, knowing that one day, His destiny was the cross.  

The night before His crucifixion, He knelt in a garden called Gethsemane (meaning “oil press,” a place of extreme pressure), facing His ultimate challenge. The garden was Jesus’ “in-between-moment” in His ministry timeline between His three years of ministry and the cross. 

As He reflected on what was about to happen, He became deeply distressed; overcome with horror. He felt a sorrow threatening life itself. No human ever had suffered like Jesus was about to. Feeling the crush of what was coming, He fell to His knees and cried out to escape. However, He desired His Father’s will even more. Jesus was facing two extremes at the same time; the urge to quit and the urge to go on.

What we do in our “in-between-moment” is pivotal to how the future unfolds. Jesus’ example demonstrates the price involved in getting through the “in-between-moment.” His surrender to God shows us four things to expect when saying yes to what God has called us to do. 



What’s your “in-between-moment”?

Ask God to prepare your heart to follow in Jesus’ steps through His “in-between-moments,” then write a brief prayer.