Mark 14:36

An In-Between Time Will Be Frightening



“And he was saying, ‘Abba! Father! All things are possible . . . , remove this cup from Me;’ ” Mark 14:36



The cup spoken of symbolizes sin of the entire world. Imagine feeling the sin of everyone, for all time, all at once. The cost of the cross was becoming painfully real to Jesus. The cup also symbolized the wrath of God. All the hatred God has for sin was beginning to press down on Him. It’s no wonder, there in the garden, Jesus sweat drops of blood. For the first time, Jesus was feeling the full weight of His destiny.

Anytime we give God our ultimate “yes” will be frightening. The consequences of releasing our hold on what we have chosen as our security, is a fearful thing. Following God’s call, costs us everything, cutting into our time, our priorities and all we have arranged our life around. When faced with a decision to be all-in with God seems too high, we hold on for fear of losing control. What we stand to gain is greater than what we have to lose. Letting go means falling into the arms of God.



What are you holding on to?  What scares you about letting go?