Mark 14:36

An In-Between Time Will Be a Fight



“. . . yet not what I will, . . .” Mark 14:36



In the garden, Jesus struggled with the Will of God, repeatedly asking that the “hour” and the “cup” be removed. How could Jesus desire something contrary to the Will of God? Jesus was God and man. As a man, He had a human will. He prayed if there was a way to fulfill His mission without the cross, He would opt for that. While Jesus’ Spirit was telling Him to go to the cross, His flesh was screaming “I want out!” Going God’s way is always a struggle. 

The fight we have during in-between-moments is between our spirit and our flesh, as they are challenged by the Will of God – the same fight Jesus had. He could’ve slipped out of the garden, spending His days teaching. In Jesus’ “in-between-moment,” He could have chosen to say “no” to God’s plan. God’s entire redemptive plan came down to this one moment. Will He say “yes” to God?

When things get hard, we have the freedom to say “no” to God and walk away. We also have the freedom to say “yes.”



What thoughts keep you from saying “yes” to God’s will?