Mark 6:17

Pet Sins



“. . . John arrested and bound in prison on account of Herodias . . .” Mark 6:17



Pet sins murder the soul. We hate to be confronted about sins we are determined to keep. John brought the message of Jesus and His kingdom. John’s loyalty to the unchanging principle of God’s kingdom provoked bitter hostility of the comfortable and left him the victim of a resentful queen.

Herodias, the king’s disgruntled partner in iniquity, has sunken deeper into sin than Herod. Her conscience had been hardened by her wickedness, resulting in a seething anger against John. She hated John the Baptist for speaking truth and his faithful testimony, and would not rest until she had silenced the voice of truth with death. 

The Spirit’s work of conviction speaks to our heart as John did. The Spirit speaks with loving strength and thundering conviction to the conceit, pride and self-righteousness which have taken the place of humility and trust in God. Holy Spirit’s work is bold, uncompromising and determined to bring about a change of heart in us, crying, Repent! Repent! Repent! Get rid of that which is offensive to God.  But voices like John’s are futile unless they are met with a willing response to seek first the kingdom. Where pet sins are harbored, the Spirit’s work will be hated. 

When a man or a woman has chosen to live in stubborn opposition, resolved to have their own way, they dislike anyone who calls them to repentance. They would rather be left alone than confronted with the truth of their rebellion. They grow irritated seeing God as the opposition instead of their option. They are angry when told the truth.

Prophets and preachers in every age have been treated the same. They have been hated, rejected and killed. Those who have grown comfortable with their sin hear the call to repentance as the raving of fanatics and dismiss the work of the Sprit. 



Examine your life, hold nothing back from God – private indulgences, pet sins or personal vices. Spare nothing that stands between you and God.