Mark 5:37

How Far Are You Willing To Go?



"He allowed no one to follow Him, except Peter, James and John . . ." Mark 5:37



He took Peter, James, and John with Him into Jairus’ house. Jesus had favorites! Does that bother you? In our equalitarian culture this is scandalous! Isn't Jesus supposed to see and love everybody the same? In fact He does choose people and gives them unique access to Himself. The twelve were themselves singled out from among the many who followed Him. The difference among men could not be ignored by Jesus. 

This is not a matter of favoritism, it's a matter of purpose. Christ's purpose was to train these men for a great work. He calls them not to privilege, but to service.

Friendship with Jesus is determined by the strength and quality of one’s foundation. Our temperament, capacity, commitment, and our community with Him play a part in deepening our relationship with Jesus. These three disciples were admitted into a holy of holies moment of resurrection with Jesus. They watched Him raise the dead.

The truth for the disciples, you and I, is that we can only advance in the ways of Jesus as far as we are willing to go with Him. The grade of discipleship depends on our degree of spiritual understanding, and willingness.

We must be willing to enter in, where we understand His concepts, imitate His strength, receive His purity, learn to walk humbly, patiently, reverently in His zeal, and receive the secrets He discloses. 

The Master takes His disciples with Him as far as they are willing to go, and the humble and loving heart will be taken deep into the secret of His presence. To be called friends by Jesus should be the ambition of our life. And the way we know we are is simple, “You are my friends, if you do what I command.”



The only question for each disciple to answer is, how far do you want to go with Him?