Mark 5:36

Jesus Can Shift the Situation



"Don't be afraid any longer, only believe." Mark 5:36



The words that broke Jairus’ heart, someone telling him his daughter was dead, did not stop Jesus for one moment. At once he turned to Jairus and spoke words of encouragement to the father’s faltering heart, "Don't be afraid, just believe." Jesus enters the house where there were hired mourners wailing and crying, and He put them out, because Jesus will not tolerate disbelief where faith is meant to live. 

He takes her by the hand and speaks, "Little girl, I say to you get up!" At once her heart begins to beat again and breath returns to her lifeless body, she stood and walked around and all were completely astonished. No wonder Jairus’ household was amazed, they saw Jesus’ complete power over life and death. 

Think for a moment of how the presence of Jesus can shift a situation, from crying to rejoicing, from mourning to thankfulness, from death to life, it’s Jesus who makes the difference. 

Only those driven by despair and drawn by trust can tell us what it's like to have the light of their household go out and have felt their heart grow cold like iron. Only they can tell us what Jairus’ household must have felt as they watched Jesus give their daughter back to them that day. 

This miracle of Jesus is not limited to the physical realm, it's a picture of how He raises up a dead soul. He brings us up out of sin and causes us to walk in new life. He takes us by the hand and says "Get up!" Don't live for yourself, but live for the One who rose again to give us life.



Do know someone who is living with a dead soul, separated from Jesus? Pray for their salvation, that they would be raised up by His life.