Mark 5:35

The Silence of Jesus



"While He was still speaking, . . ." (to the woman) Mark 5:35



Struck by the silence of Christ, for Jairus there's no word of reassurance spoken by Jesus. There is a delay, an interruption – one that felt like eternity to Jairus. When the woman touched the robe of Jesus, everything inside of this desperate dad must have wanted to stop her, to brush her aside, so Jesus would not be delayed. 

But Jesus turns to her, engages her, giving no word to the anxious man driven to desperation. All this must have made the man angry and tested the man’s faith. His feelings were shouting at Jesus "What are you doing talking to this woman while my child is dying? If you don't move quickly, all hope will be lost!" One thought follows the next, "Why is this happening to me?" "Why am I being punished?" But Jesus’ silence had a strategy. 

The silence taught him to see; that though the crowd presses in on Jesus, the only touch that reaches Him is the touch of faith; and here in this moment of desperation is born a new incentive for him to hold fast in faith. 

The silence also taught him, that as urgent as his need was, he was not alone. Grief isolates one and can cause one to be shut up inside themselves, not seeing all that is taking place. While Jairus was not conscious of all he was learning – the stunning silence of Jesus made him stand still and realize he was not the only one in the world who was in trouble.

Then Jesus speaks, words which struck Jairus’ grief-numbed spirit as meaningless. "Don't be afraid, only believe." Afraid? What was there to fear now, the worst had come. Believe? What was there to believe? She's dead, it's too late.

But when we come to the end of our resources that's where Christ begins. Where we write "The End" onto our story, He writes "To be continued” and turns the page.



There’s always one more page in your story. Today wait with Him, in the silence, for your heart to know that in our times of despair, He is quiet, calm and confident. He knows He holds the keys to unlock us from the most uncertain of things.