Mark 5:22,25

At Opposite Ends



" . . . Jairus . . . and . . . a woman" Mark 5:22, 25



The region of Decapolis was glad to see Jesus leave. And back on the other side of the lake another crowd was set to receive Him. Mark draws attention to two individuals in the crowd. Jairus and a woman. Both are at opposite ends of life.

Jairus was famous, the woman was anonymous, he was wealthy, she lived in poverty. Jairus was the leader of the synagogue, the woman because of her physical condition was forbidden from entering the synagogue. For twelve years Jairus’ daughter filled his house with laughter and joy. For twelve years the house of the woman was filled with misery and despair. These two people, living in different spheres of life, waited for Jesus. 

In church on any given Sunday, seated on the same row there are the successful and struggling, the healthy and hurting, each have diverse stories and struggles. 

Maybe you can relate to Jairus, your business is great, your marriage is blessed, your family is growing, your health is good, but you don't know what the next moment holds. Before the clock strikes midnight, you might find yourself in the middle of a totally unexplainable tragedy.

Perhaps, like the woman, you have been going through an endless stream of setbacks or one prolonged problem, always short of finding any relief or lasting solution. Wondering from day to day if things will ever get better. You don't know what the next hour of life holds for you. The next moment might bring you a miracle of astounding proportions.

Remembering how quickly life can change keeps us from complacency when we are living life like Jairus, and delivers us from despair when we are standing in the woman's place. Both of their stories force the heart to remember that the Lord is a shield and protector to those who seek Him and call out to Him.



Right now, whose story do you identify with the most?

Read Psalm 18:6. After having read the verse, go back and pray it back to the Lord.