Mark 5:22

The Two Mightiest Forces



". . . fell at his feet, . . ." Mark 5:22



The gospel writers all make a point of emphasizing Jairus’ position. They tell us he was a ruler of the synagogue. Perhaps his social and religious position are highlighted because there were not many of his class and rank. Or maybe there was a deeper point Mark is making for us, his readers. Sometimes we get stuck in a situation we can't find our way out of on our own. We have to ask for help.

It must have cost Jairus a good deal of pride to ask for Jesus’ help. It was more difficult for him to seek Christ’s help than it was for the beggars and the sick on whom Jesus lavished healing grace, or even for the gentile woman whose story is embedded in the heart of the Jairus narrative. Jairus had to humble himself. 

He was the president of the religious leaders, man of the town. His friends and colleagues were the scribes and Pharisees. They had already taken up the attitude of hostility towards Jesus. For Jairus to ask for help meant he had to go against their hatred and contempt for Jesus. It's easy to imagine what a blow to his pride and ego it must have been for him to fall at Jesus’ feet and beg for help. Jairus was in a battle of a lifetime, between the two mightiest forces of the human soul – pride and love. Both pulled his heart in opposite directions; pride in his position and love for his child. 

But one look at his daughter seeing death spread over her face, and the thought of what his home would be if his only child were taken away – that settled it right there and then love won out. Throwing his pride aside, he pushed his way through the crowd of common people, sinners who surrounded Jesus and in front of the watching crowd, threw himself at Jesus’ feet and through sobbing tears, cried out a broken prayer – and Jesus went with him.

Pride is always the last thing to die in our spiritual life, God will use heartbreak or disappointment to wound our unhealthy affections for the opinion of others, our deceitful way of looking at things and our false images of ourselves in order to bring us to Himself. When we set pride aside, He will go with us to our point of need, and raise us back to life.



Have you been too prideful to ask for God’s help? Will you let God get you alone and desperate until all that's not of Him breaks off of you?