Mark 5:22

Trouble in the Trees



"And one of the synagogue officials named Jairus . . ." Mark 5:22



On most days we appear to have it together, we go about our day, do our jobs.   Anyone looking at us from the outside wouldn't believe that we have anything to be in despair about. Were anyone to drive by our houses, they couldn't imagine there being lack of any kind. But we know differently, because there's trouble in the trees. 

Jairus appeared to have it all. He was successful, spiritual and a man of substance. But there was need in his house. His only daughter was sick and dying, his wealth placed medical help at his command, but they had not been able to cure her, and he was now running out of options and time. These verses bring us face to face with a truth we don't want to admit.

Privilege does not place us beyond the reach of pain, sorrow and sickness. One never knows how much money is worth until one sees how little it can buy. In Jairus’ case, money and power could not keep death from his child. The rich get sick just like the poor.

Hard lessons make hearts softer. It's good to remember this so we don't live carelessly. We often talk as if possessions were the answer and antidote to sorrow, as if money could protect us from sickness and death. 

But this thinking is short-sighted. We have only to look around us to see that death plays no favorites, it will not be kept out by locks or gated communities. It can just as easily step into a condo or a castle. We all die and then comes judgment.

So set your desire on the eternal things, live for the things that cannot be lost. Remember Heaven, where tears are wiped from faces and never again will you hear those words "your daughter, your son, your wife, your husband is dead," because there is only life there.



Are you living in light of eternity? Are you trusting in power, possessions and people rather than in the presence of God?