Mark 6:7

You Are Already Ready



“. . . began to send them out . . .” Mark 6:7



Jesus risks the success of His mission by sending His disciples to teach and heal. The disciples, so far in the book of Mark, have faired well. They don’t understand His teaching, haven’t trusted His power to protect them and don’t understand His Divine perception, yet Jesus sends them out. The point is, no amount of hearing, teaching, or seeing miracles, or even being with Jesus, is enough. They must go in total dependence on His message and the power that accompanies it.

The lesson here for us, His disciples, is no one will ever feel ready or fully prepared to go and minister. No disciple ever feels qualified. But growth happens when I speak His message, or attend to the needs of others, while being totally dependent on there being a power to sustain me. Total dependence requires risk.

We seldom put the gospel to the test as the disciples were being charged to do. We have few, if any, non-Christian friends. We opt for safety in the faith, while trying to follow the Lord who risked Himself in incarnation and all that followed it. We choose security while serving the Lord who went to death to experience resurrection. The result is a narrowing of the gospel and our perception of its possibilities.

We say we are not ready! And we need more training. So did the disciples, they needed training – a lot more training. Still, Jesus sent them out and they were effective. Too often our lives are centered on ourselves. We need to constantly be exposed to life outside the walls of our domain of safety by placing ourselves in the trenches of local ministries, the proving ground of the power of the gospel.

When Jesus gave His disciples marching orders, He instructed them to pack light, preach repentance, present the kingdom, pray for the sick, purge evil, and prepare for rejection. The disciples were successful at what they were sent to do. Today, as His disciples, we are an extension of His kingdom. Whether you feel like it or not, you are as ready as you will ever be.



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