Mark 6:6

Tying the Hands Of God



“And He wondered at their unbelief . . . ” Mark 6:6



We can never be too guarded against unbelief. It’s the oldest sin in the world. It began in the garden and brought death to the world. It kept Israel out of the promised land for forty years. It’s the one sin which sends people to hell. It makes people refuse clear evidence, shut their eyes to living testimonies, yet, it’s powerful enough to make people believe lies and rob them of the work of God. It’s the only sin Jesus is surprised by.

It is the most common sin in the world. Thousands are guilty of it every day. One says they believe Jesus and the scriptures are true, yet lives in opposition to them. In practice, they are unbelievers. 

A disciple must guard their heart against unbelief. It’s the heart, and not the head, that is the seat of unbelief. It’s not the lack of evidence for Christianity or theological problems that make people disbelieve. It’s the lack of will to believe. It’s the love of sin. In unbelief, we divorce ourselves from God and wed the world.

Perfect theology is no guarantee against unbelief. We must always guard our heart. There is always a root of unbelief, even after salvation. We only have to get careless, or cynical, for unbelief to spring up. 

Jesus was prevented from performing any miracles because of their unbelief and by what He perceived was the state of people’s hearts. He would not waste signs and wonders on unbelieving, hardened people. Experiencing Jesus operates by one rule, “according to your faith, be it done to you.”



Are you living in an attitude of unbelief? Are you tying the hands of God?