Mark 6:4

What Are You Doing With The Gospel?



“. . . A prophet is not without honor except in his own home town . . . ” Mark 6:4



Blindness to truth takes on many forms. Those most familiar with Jesus do not have the advantage of understanding who He is. This is the point Mark is repeatedly making. Many could not imagine how God could speak and act through one who seemed so normal and average. 

The majesty of Jesus is overlooked by many, instead the masses focus on moral score-keeping; thousands believe as long as they go to church and don’t murder, steal, cheat, or openly break any of the commandments, they are in no great danger. 

Many lapse into a self-styled form of Christianity while the economy tightens, at a time when diapers cost more than a barrel of oil. In order to maintain personal comfort, some will cheat God and the government. It’s easy to forget that true faith is far more than avoiding personal discomfort, or keeping a set of moral standards which makes one acceptable in the sight of God. 

One of the greatest mistakes one can make is to hear the message of Jesus and not believe it – to be invited to repent and believe, and yet remain careless and unbelieving. To reject the message of Jesus will sink a person into total darkness. 

We have in our country the freedom to worship, we have Bibles throughout our homes. We frequently hear the message of salvation, but have we received it into our hearts? Have we obeyed it in our living? Have we taken up the cross and followed after Jesus? If not, we are far worse off than the unreached portions of the world who worship gods made of sticks and stones. They never heard the gospel and, therefore, never rejected it. 

But as for us, we have heard the gospel in every conceivable manner, and will still not believe. Run a careful search on your heart to know if your faith has gone beneath the surface and become a strong, vital, passionate, living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.



What are you doing with the gospel?