Mark 6:3

Despising the Divine



“ . . . And they took offense at Him.” Mark 6:3



Familiarity breeds contempt. Never were there more true words than in the case of Jesus and His hometown. They couldn’t imagine that someone they had known for so many years deserved to be followed as a teacher. No other town had the same privilege as Nazareth. 

Jesus had walked their streets, lived a blameless and perfect life. But it was all lost on them. They were not ready to believe. They refused to believe that someone whose face they knew so well and who had done life with them, eating, drinking and dressing like them, had any right to claim their attention. They took offense at Him. 

The same thing is going on all around us, right here in our city. There is a plethora of preaching, both behind pulpits, and through media. Mass availability of the Bible in bookstores and on our phones. The abundance of local ministries targets every conceivable people, group and need. 

All the outlets we have which provide access to the grace of God are continually undervalued by people. We are so accustom to them, we barely notice them. We forget how privileged we are to have such an array of channels for teaching and encouragement.

When familiarity enters our relationship with Jesus, we cease to be overwhelmed, awestruck, and astonished at the access we have to His presence. Faith has become familiar, the deep becomes dull, the sacred lapsed into silence.

In Nazareth, the Divine was despised. Others will take you for granted too. If you are the only believer in your family or at work, if you have faithfully shared the gospel only to have it fall on deaf ears, remember you are drinking from the same cup as your Savior. He, too, was despised most by the ones who knew Him best. Living a life that pleases Jesus might not make others change their minds any more than it did the people of Nazareth. The heavy truth of this verse is fulfilled in the experience of His servants.



“God, give me the courage to not let the negative reactions of others to my faith make me quit on you.”