Mark 6:2

Hidden In Plain Sight



“. . . Where did this man get these things, . . . ?” Mark 6:2



Of all the prophecies in the Old Testament regarding Jesus there’s not one which predicts He would be a carpenter. The only place we are told He was a worker in the trade of Joseph, is here in the book of Mark. 

Yet, it should not go unnoticed that for many years the Son of Man lived as carpenter in a despised village. Jesus’ life was normal – His relationship with the people of His hometown; the fact that He had brothers and sisters; that He was a carpenter and with His own hands had made ploughs and yokes, furniture and doors; that He had provided for His relatives by serving as the town handy-man.

In the sight of the people of Nazareth, Jesus was an ordinary man. What was known about Jesus was so commonplace, that it seemed to be incompatible with the majesty of His divinity and authority of His teaching. 

We are no different from the citizens of Nazareth. We flippantly judge others by the outside. We tend to think because we have seen the outside of another’s life that we have seen all there is to see. There, hidden beneath the surface, is more to Jesus.

God always hides Himself right before our eyes, in the everyday commonplace. The psalmist knew this when he penned “clouds and darkness surround him.” Jesus came to us not with crushing impact of glory, but in humanity, weakness and vulnerability. 

We don’t understand this. The only way of seeing all Jesus is, is by peeling off our religious glasses, getting rid of our theological assumptions and spiritual prejudice, which keep us from seeing and standing in His presence. Receive His invitation to come in contact with the light of the Spirit. Unless one is born again, the life of Jesus will remain hidden. 



Forgive me for my disrespectful approach toward you. I desire to be re-introduced to Your presence and Your ways.