Mark 5:30

Called Out



"Who touched My garments?" Mark 5:30



In the midst of the pressing crowd, it's Jesus who stands out. He's calm, deliberate, never at a loss for facing problems, and always able to draw from others their confession of utter helplessness. His ways of bringing truth to the surface sometimes was subtle, and others more direct.

Jesus called this woman out! Why? The woman was healed, why not let her slip out of the crowd and go back to her village? Why make her stand before the critical eyes of the onlookers? It seems embarrassing and unkind. What if He hadn't? The woman would've left believing it was the prophet’s garments that had healed her. She would have been a raving fan, worshiping the power of His clothes. Jesus will never let us place an idol where His image should be.

So Jesus calls her out. He spoke to her, He called her daughter, she called Him Master. He establishes a personal relationship between Him and her. When that woman went back to her town there was no mistake who her source of change was. It wasn't the garment of the rabbi. Rather, she went home full of a friendship with Jesus, who is now her Master, the Savior whom she had found. She was a living story, not about His garment, but of Christ Himself.

Personal relationship with Jesus steeped in the knowledge of His presence is the power of a living, progressive faith. It's a personal relationship that carries us through dark days of brokenness and doubt. It sustains through all our future days. 

All of our life wrapped up in one person – Jesus. Jesus is life, He keeps us attentive to God defined, God sustained, God blessed, God revealed, life. He brings out into the open what we could never figure out ourselves. Jesus calls us out into the open to know Him. He saves us from wasting our life in the pursuit of cheap thrills and trivializing diversions.



Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Is He as real to you as your next breath?