Mark 5:28

Are You Desperate?



"If I could just touch His garments . . ." Mark 5:28



Here's a woman who had sorrow after sorrow, trouble after trouble. She had lost her health, she had lost money, she had lost hope. She was an outcast, marginalized because of her physical condition. Jesus was prepared to help anyone, anywhere, no matter how desperate the situation.

It's hard to accept – it’s the great sorrows of life that drive us to God. The great disappointments make us quiet and listen. In those moments, extraordinary supernatural desire is born. Pain had pressed her to dream again.

This woman with a twelve-year blood issue had one dream, one desire rushing through her mind and heart "If I can only touch His garment, I'll be made whole." To be sure, it wasn't the garment that held healing power, but Jesus. She reached out and touched Him. 

Jesus was spiritually aware that something had happened beyond the simple jostling of the crowd, yet He's unaware of who touched Him! Quickly, Jesus turns and seeing her, He sees her faith and heals her. He saw her craving, her willingness, her desperation for help and He restores her back to health.

Real, lasting change does not come from having proper beliefs or perfect theology, those are of no concern to this woman or to Jesus. Jesus doesn't turn to her and say “Before I heal you, is your doctrine in order?” There is a far deeper question here. 

It is whether the heart of a person, informed or not, wants to truly be made different by Jesus Christ. The question of orthodoxy or enlightened scriptural insight may be important to us, but do we really want Jesus to change our life as much as this woman desired to be. That is the point. Is there any desperation in you crying out "If I can just touch Him"? Is it possible that we just might be too smart to be so treacherously undignified?



"Lord, my need is greater than my resources. I repent of believing that I'm in control, renounce my empty reasonings, and confess I need You and only You! I'm desperate for You."