Mark 5:27

As He Does



"When she heard about Jesus, . . ." Mark 5:27



You will never be more loved by God than you are right now! The motive for discipleship is not to get God to love you more.  Mark is giving us a model for the real target of being a disciple.  

First, by showing us that Jesus is Lord over fierce storms, frightened disciples, fearfully possessed, fainthearted sufferers, and feeble children, Mark is preparing us for the story of discipleship to unfold as a journey of obedience lived out of His love for us.

This is why Jesus is resistant to faith in Him based on seeing a sign or hearing a story. It has to be faith based on Him, a durable belief in the love of God which will survive the suffering in Gethsemane and Golgotha.  

For believers today, as we engage in God’s mission to the world, we are to follow Jesus’ example of taking on those forces which terrify, oppress and imprison people. They include the forces which deliberately aim at destroying moral standards, that seek to dismantle families, and demean human life and devalue individuals and groups as being lesser than God created them to be. Jesus’ disciples know the force behind all the sinfulness in life and the works are the forces of the evil one.

Jesus’ pattern is one of bringing the power of love to all situations and relationships. Through love, He loosens the grip of evil and sets people free. 

We give as He gave, risk ourselves as He did, dying and rising daily with Him. A church of disciples so committed is set to be used to establish God’s kingdom by His power. Mark wants every disciple to know that the way of Jesus passes through Calvary, the empty tomb and on in the footsteps of the Master. Daily we love totally because He loves us completely. 



Will you begin the journey of being His disciple?