Mark 5:27

Total Confidence



". . . touched His cloak." Mark 5:27



"If I could see a miracle, I would have faith in Jesus," is a phrase we all have heard spoken thousands of times by skeptics and well-meaning seekers. But faith is nothing more than having full confidence in God, and nothing less. The synagogue official and the woman do not come to faith after they are healed; they had full confidence in Jesus prior, that led to their healing. These two stories in Mark chapter 5 are here to show the strategic role faith plays in getting things moving forward.

Faith; Opens the Door. 

Faith brings the power of God to those who are powerless. Faith can be wavering, imperfect, bold and brave. What counts is that it has to be directed towards Jesus. What saved the father’s daughter and this woman was their faith directed towards Jesus.

Faith; Overcomes Detours. 

Jairus had to brush off the sad announcement. He had to give a cold shoulder to the laughter of the mourners, he had to overlook opinion of his religious friends. The woman had to push her way through the crowd and overcome any sense of shame and fear of contaminating others. Faith steps forward in the midst of intimidation, despite fear. Faith goes forward and refuses to give in and acknowledges Jesus’ power to heal.

Faith; Observed in Our Decisions.

Faith is something that can be seen. Neither the man nor the woman identify Jesus as the Messiah, or even as a prophet. They are unclear about who He is, but they believe He has the power to heal and put their faith to the test. Faith doesn't wait, it steps out.

Faith; Originates in Desperation.

The ruler and the woman did not take their situation lying down. They refused to be passive. They hurled themselves at Jesus, fully confident He would provide. For everyone who is shy, ashamed or afraid, we are to come boldly to Jesus and give Him our full confidence.  



Are you holding back from giving your full confidence to Him? Have you been afraid of being disappointed? Don't be! Let your desperation drive you to Him.