Mark 5:26

True Faith



"She had suffered a great deal . . . " Mark 5:26



Trust the person, not the circumstance; this is the core of true faith. How does one attain true faith? 

Parables, miracles and exorcisms do not ensure it. Education and background doesn't guarantee it. Family ties are not enough to create it. The demons oppose it. People in the deepest need and desperation seem to find it. Disciples always move towards it, and still have a long way to go. 

True faith is self-risking trust in Jesus Himself. True faith doesn't mistake the gifts for the giver. True faith is met by opposition from family, by the shallow crowd and doubtful disciples. 

Yet, some out of their sheer utter need for Him, have grasped true faith – the demon-possessed, now free in his right mind; the diseased woman, now well and at peace; the synagogue official whose daughter who had been raised from the dead. 

True faith is characterized by people believing in Jesus and not the circumstances. This is not blind faith at all, but informed faith; a radical trust in a God who overcame the most evil of circumstances in all of human history – the cross. Jesus suffered and kept true faith. 

Coming into conformity with Jesus takes true faith. The secret once hidden, now revealed, is God’s kingdom is being established in Jesus. The requirement for being in the kingdom is a true faith as serious as the Savior had in His Heavenly Father.



Today, practice trusting the person of Jesus, not the circumstance.