Mark 5:21

It Could Be Worse



". . . He stayed by the seashore." Mark 5:21



Here in Mark chapter 5, there are people facing dark desperate days, with bleak outlooks for their future, but it could be worse.

If Jesus were not standing there, there would be no hope, nothing for which to look forward. Think of the circumstances found in this chapter, now remove Jesus. 

What grim stories they would be, dreadful lists of misery, chaos and catastrophes; out of the tombs, a man with a devil; out of the house, a man with a broken heart; out of the crowd, a woman with an unclean disease; and a little girl in a coffin. 

It is an awful, appalling chapter if we read it without the name which is above every other name. But it’s no more grotesque than our life would be without Him. The weight of the wearied world without Jesus would leave us bone-tired, burned out and done in. 

Without Jesus in the story, life would descend into darkness, all those wounded by life's battles – the widow, the orphan, the friendless, along with the sick and possessed, would spin downward in despair. 

The very idea of Jesus fading from our situations and crisis is too awful to contemplate. However, the name of Jesus, the very presence of Jesus, standing in the midst of human struggle turns tragedy into triumph, turns our scares into stories and finds ministry in our messes. 

Jesus is set before us always gentle, gracious and easy to call on – the Healer of the broken-hearted; the Refuge of the weak and helpless; Comforter of the distressed; the sick person’s best Friend. 

He is the Savior we need for our times and troubles. The world is full of pain. Here today stands the One who is sympathetic to our afflictions, addictions and adversities. In His presence, we find tenderness and hope.  This is the power of having Jesus in our midst. This is the difference He makes everywhere in this troubled world in which we live.  



Are you living as though He is not present?

Have you received Jesus into your life?

Come to Him, call out to Him.