Exodus 15:27

Experiencing Elim



". . . they came to Elim. . ." Exodus 15:27



Often doing ministry doesn't lead to more of Jesus. We get caught up in the demands of serving others, the pressure of career, along with all the distractions of a busy world. Along the way we lose track of Jesus. Of course, it was unintentional. 

We allowed the circumstances to drive us apart. As Jesus grows more and more remote, we become careless in life. Our prayer life flattens out we grow inattentive to the sacred, and we find ourselves settling for a complacent life.

Following their time of tough trust in Marah, God leads Israel to Elim (meaning "mighty ones"). God had brought them to an oasis of water and shade. Elim, with the coolness of its wells and shelter of the palms, is significant to our surviving and thriving in the spaces and places He's called us to serve. It's a picture of necessary times of refreshment.  

The palm tree is the only tree in the world which bears more fruit as it gets older, so we are designed to keep bearing more fruit throughout our life with Jesus. The numbers twelve and seventy point to the twelve disciples and the seventy Jesus sent out into ministry. We are sent to serve, but never without times of refreshing.  

Elim, for you and me, are times when the spirit brings us into an atmosphere of refreshing, restoring and removing any barriers between you and Him. Suddenly you are close to Him, some describe it as being lifted into the heavens, you feel His presence surround you. Because of the completed work of Christ, heaven is open to us. His spirit makes all of Jesus real to us. 

Our perspective changes when the Lord is near. There, in our Elim, grace overtakes us and we return, to breathe deep the spirit of God. At Elim, the dreadful becomes delight, service becomes sacred, and the once burdensome, now a blessing.



Are you serving the Savior – in your home, at work, or in church? Has enthusiasm drained out of you? Take some time to kneel in His presence, ask Him to fall fresh on you.