Exodus 15:24

Refusing Refusal



". . . the people grumbled . . ." Exodus 15:24



Fighting with God is ok, as long as you know you are not going to win. There are times of being in a tug-o-war with God; we pull back because we feel His way is not the best way.

The desire for material success, happiness, and peace outstrips our willingness to be obedient. If we really truly believed that God would let us have our way, we would gladly be willing to be molded and controlled by Him. But we don't always get our way, so we act like spoiled children, we stubbornly stand our ground and refuse to go any further with God. 

The sooner we learn we can't outlast God, that, regardless of how good our reasons and justifications might be for not being obedient, God is never going to be defeated. This is the hard lesson of living in a state of refusal. O' that we might be quick to learn this lesson and not linger too long in refusal! 

Refusal makes us self-motivated rather than spirit-moved, becoming so engrossed with our strategies for living that we no longer hear the call of God. Being in a place of refusal with God makes us turn inward on ourselves, becoming so enslaved by refusal we become a destructive force to ourselves and others.

The thrust from Jesus is the opposite, in His will, we find our peace and become a creative force to others. The opposite of peace is conflict, and the reason we have no peace is because we are at war with God within ourselves.

There is our way and there is God’s way both demanding to be heard. We struggle to decide which to respond to and the struggle squanders our power. We become weakened and exhausted. Once we decide to do the will of God, the conflict is resolved. The very act of refusing to be in refusal, and giving our yes to God today, places the responsibility of what happens tomorrow on God. This is the wonderful peace of saying yes.



Are you at war with God? Where do you need to say yes to God?