Exodus 15:23

A Time for Tough Trust



". . . they came to Marah, . . ." Exodus 15:23



The same thing happens to us we come to our own Marah, a situation or relationship we thought would be sweet, only to find it bitter, not what we thought it would be. 

The ground of biblical trust is that Jesus desires we live grow and unfold to experience the fullness of His life. Trusting God does not come easily, it's an attitude acquired gradually, though crises and trials. 

In the Christian life there are agonizing moments. By trusting through the trials, we learn God wants us to live and not die, to grow and not wither. Only through fierce, unmitigated trust do we discover God is reliable. This is the essence of trust, to be fully convinced that God can be trusted. 

Trust is clarified in the crucible of trial – from the depths, a pure heart trust clings to the belief that whatever happens, the circumstance will form Christ in them.  In trials and tests, the question, "Who am I going to trust?" is always stronger than "Why is this happening to me?" Unwavering trust in the living, loving God inspires us to pray, and keep on praying.

Jesus has designed a way to bring His kingdom into this world, not through force or violence, but through a single way – the way of trust. Jesus did not request His disciples to trust in God if it worked for them, rather He told them to trust in God. 

Trust was not some facet on the edge of Jesus’ teaching, nor was it an affection. It was the heart and center to ushering in the reign of God. Trust doesn't solve our problems, it's not some easy way to figure things out, it doesn't ease the confusion, or dull the pain. 

Trust is tough. It takes on trials and tests. It works even when there's no clear reason for the chaos we are facing. When all else is unclear, the heart of trust says "Into your hands I commend myself." 



"Dear Jesus, I trust you. I offer this situation with all the love of my heart. I love you, Lord, I give myself fully to you, I surrender this ordeal and myself into your hands without resignation. I lean fully on your ability to get me through this."