Exodus 15:22

Have you Been Rescued?



". . . the Red Sea" Exodus 15:22



There is a difference between a promise and a prediction. Even in everyday life a promise is much deeper and more significant than a prediction. 

A promise is made between two people, it presupposes a relationship. A prediction is impersonal and usually has nothing to do with a promise. A promise is made to someone, where a prediction is made about someone.

In the case of Israel, their very existence was the substance of the promise. It was the promise on which God and Israel survived in spite of all that threatened to break them apart. God, through His promise, had entered into a commitment which involved growth, protection and blessing, ultimately reaching the rest of the world.

It's our decision which makes the promise a reality. The choice to believe God and take Him at His word carves out a place where the promise of God can operate. God’s action towards us is intended to stir up a response in us. It's for this reason that experiencing personal salvation is vitally important.

Israel was held captive and believed things would never change. But God promised, and provided a way out. There was no point in God promising an exodus if no one exited. It required exercising faith in His promise, it meant uprooting from their settled life in Egypt and setting out on a long journey to enter the promised land. 

The exodus was promised by God, but would have never happened if the Israelites had not responded to the leading of Moses. Even then, some of them did so reluctantly. And so it goes all the way through scripture. The promise comes as the initiative of God’s grace, and always depends on His grace. But that grace has to be accepted, responded to by faith, and obedience.



Have you responded to His promise of eternal life? Ask Him to be the Leader and Lord of your life.