Mark 5:8

Jesus’ Attitude Towards our Messes



“Come out of Him, . . .” Mark 5:8



At the center of Jesus’ ministry was the understanding that the world had been plunged into a cosmic war and the world was infested by an infinitely large, cosmic, mafia of evil, and people and animals were capable of being demonized by these unclean invaders. The earth and people are a battleground of the forces of evil. 

Jesus devoted His work to getting the trapped turned loose; delivering the demonized. He wasted no time searching for hidden, divine will behind evil by asking, “How could God do this?” or “Why would God allow this?” Jesus never taught people to resign themselves to God’s supposed “secret plan for their lives” in the face of evil.

Jesus’ attitude in ministry was about revolting against the work of the enemy rather than resignation. He was about revolting against the cruelty of the enemy oppressing God’s people. He was about seeking to give back to people and win back for His father what the enemy had stolen and destroyed. He was about restoring humanity to its rightful place and enabling humans to rise up against the cosmic thief who had stolen life from them.

Jesus moved into the messes of people’s lives, He was not disturbed by the fact that in life things could go from bad to worse. The Son of God is well equipped to progress through the messiness of our life. 

Toward the hurting and those held hostage, He was never angry or blamed the bent and the beat up, He exhibited only compassion. He treats them as if they were victims of involuntary possessions, He treated them as casualties of war. For Jesus, the kingdom of God is advanced, as the victims of the kingdom of evil are set free.



Is there anything you’ve been blaming God for that He all along has been fighting for your freedom?