Mark 5:7

Disturbed by Jesus



“What business do we have with each other . . . ?” Mark 5:7



At first, this story seems so distant from our life, so remote from reality as we know it. It seems not to connect to any facet of our existence. But, on closer examination, it’s describing our own strains and struggles. 

The story is about a man who has lost control of himself; he is a casualty of dark desires and dreadful delusions; he’s miserably oppressed and restless. He was torn, divided between two warring elements inside himself. 

He was carried about by a crowd of barbaric, vicious impulses. He, like us, was half one thing and half the other, at home and out of place, sane and crazy, controlled and rebellious, strong and weak. In us there are opposing forces – of honor and selfishness, of doubt and faith, of love and distrust. 

Now Jesus stands on the shore at the edge of the tombs where the word legion was found carved on many rocks by soldiers who had died there, and the spirit in the man is disturbed. The evil which had had its way with this man, is disrupted by Jesus. The dark power of the strong man who had held this poor soul captive knew Jesus was indeed the stronger man, who had come to bring freedom.

Unlike this man among the tombs, we learn to manage our battles.  Everything that used to drive us to repentance, there are now support groups for. Instead of getting the freedom Jesus promises, we seek to balance the wrong and the right. Rather than being liberated, we learn to cherish the contrary impulses which attract, claim and hold us. In its simplest form, we are in an eternal battle between the Spirit and the flesh which can only be won by Jesus.

If we come close enough to Jesus, without irresistible disputes and quarrels, struggles and strongholds, and yield our heart to His control, we will know His power and authority over our situations. If He did it for the demoniac, He is still able to do it for you. 



What within you is disturbed by the presence of Jesus?

How can you get free? Read Mark 3:24-27.