Mark 5:19

Sent Home



“Go home and report to your people . . .” Mark 5:19



God will not leave us as half-done Christians. It’s the Lord’s purpose to bring forth the fullest expression of His grace by deepening our assurance, tapping into the power of the Spirit and advancing the kingdom. 

Jesus knows the greatness which rests dormant in us until it is exposed in the right environment. This demoniac, who had lived under the power of evil, could make a huge difference in others. 

So, He set the man He had made whole on a pathway of service, a journey in which he would come to understand himself as God made him to accomplish God’s purpose. 

This man was a monument to God’s redeeming mercy, now Jesus had charged him to tell people the amazing story of his restoration. He was to be a witness where he was best known; where he had faced his greatest struggle. His family and friends had not seen him in years, except under the influence of Satan. Most likely they considered him to be as good as dead – or worse a constant cause of anxiety and sorrow.

Back in his right mind and back at home was where he was to let them see that his life was a living witness to the compassion of Christ. Jesus had denied him being in His physical presence in order to do the greater work of impacting others with the gospel.

One of the toughest assignments we will be given as disciples is living our daily life at home in front of the ones who know the most about us. With financial stress, frantic paces of traffic, emotional outbursts, misunderstandings and meltdowns, the added pressure of being a spiritual role model strikes terror in us because we don’t live with halos above our heads. But home is the place it should start. It’s the place of focused grace. May it never be said of us that we were saints everywhere but in our own living room; that we talked about religion in the world, but were worldly and ungodly at home. 



Are there spiritual things you can share with your family, your story of redemption? Have you experienced deliverance from the world? Tasted of the grace of Jesus? Make it a point to tell your family and friends the work Jesus has done in you.