Mark 5:19

Denied By Jesus



“And He did not let him . . .” Mark 5:19



The only one who benefited from Jesus’ ministry was the one who didn’t have the sense to stay away from Him. He felt grateful for His deliverance and full of love for the Savior. He was ready to give up his home and country to be Jesus’ disciple. And Jesus refused him. How unusual and harsh for Jesus to reject this man’s request. 

We should learn from this text that Jesus knows better than His followers what is best for them and it’s not always what we choose.  The Lord’s refusal was for his own sake, the Lord sent him back, it was a gift of something better – the making of a disciple. 

Jesus’ refusal taught this man to walk by faith and not sight, the way He trained His disciples; He came into the world, He lived among His followers, taught and trained them to stand alone, but He did not remain with them, “in a little while you shall not see me.” 

Jesus always pushes us beyond what we think we are capable of in order to get us to tap into the power of the Spirit available to us. In faith, we start with the factual, and move into the deep, we learn to put away childish things. 

When He said to His disciples, it’s to your advantage that I go away, they could not understand what would make up for His loss, until the Spirit descended. A hard lesson to learn and one every disciple must grasp, is the spiritual bond must supersede the physical tie. 

Christ brings us into a place where we no longer need signs and wonders to validate His presence, we learn to walk by faith and are constantly assured that He is near. 

The healthiest place for us to be is where we learn humility, are drawn into the Word and deepened prayer, where we are led by faith and nothing else. If Jesus has refused you and you’re not where you’d like to be, stay there with God. The goal is to die to our will and to be where Jesus would have us to be.



Are you fighting the assignment God has for you? What area of your life is God teaching you to walk by faith?