Isaiah 26:3

During this season of Advent, we will be taking a break from our study in the Book of Mark and will instead offer daily devotionals for you to read aloud with your family, pertaining to this Advent season.  We will resume our study of Mark in a few weeks.


In The Presence of Peace



“. . . You will keep in perfect peace, the one who is focused on You.”  Isaiah 26:3



Peace goes hand-in-hand with love and joy. No one before Christianity had thought of these as moral virtues. The peace of the early Christians was so evident, even their enemies noticed their resilience in the midst of persecution. They died as they lived, with the peace of Christ ruling their hearts. 

Christians throughout history have lived with a never-ending spring of gladness within them. They are happy because they are living as God meant us all to live – in harmony with the will of God. Peace presides by discovering that our worth and value are not found in anything external, but in the eternal Prince of Peace alone.

Peace is poisoned by misusing our energy to find peace other than in the only One who can give it. All that results is a deep dissatisfaction, a haunting sense of insecurity that we have robbed ourselves of true peace. The presence of peace is peculiar because it cannot be produced, but only given. What, then, is peace?

It’s a fruit of the Spirit.

The inner state of our spiritual life will be known to God and will radiate to those around us. 

It’s triumph of life.

It’s the sign we are living in our true identity as sons and daughters of God. We are sent into the world to live and be the proof of the presence of God’s peace.

It’s the signal that we are spiritually alive.

In the presence of peace there’s no hurry, no confusion, and no fear. Peace is spiritual poise in a troubled world.

It’s setting our affections on things above.

The presence of peace isn’t produced by retreating from the world, breaking ties with reality, or a religious exercise. Peace is a perspective put into practice. 

All such will be true of anyone who has found Christ’s gift of peace. It’s time we took ourselves back to the manger at Bethlehem, and stand in His presence without a mask, and in reverence, cast our crowns before Him. As we allow His presence to disarm us of all our empty searches, then, and only then, will we find ourselves in the presence of peace. 



Ask the Lord today to lead you in the path of peace.