Luke 1:34

During this season of Advent, we will be taking a break from our study in the Book of Mark and will instead offer daily devotionals for you to read aloud with your family, pertaining to this Advent season.  We will resume our study of Mark in a few weeks.


Power of How!



“. . . How can this be, . . .” Luke 1:34



Who was Mary before the angel spoke to her? A teenaged girl from a nowhere town, engaged to a carpenter, and after the Most High overshadowed her, the woman who birthed, taught and raised the Messiah. God’s power had changed her identity.

The word “overshadow” means “to render insignificant.” Knowing this should call forth a spirit of reverence in us. As great as our attempts to be important may be, they are insignificant compared to what God wants to accomplish through us.

Mary was a frightened teenaged girl who, after hearing she’d been chosen to raise God’s son, replies with a one word question, “How?” A question asked by Christians in every impossible circumstance. How will I live with those who’ve hurt me? How can I ever be a spiritual leader at home or at work? How can I give my life, time and money away?

Looking at life from our personal vantage point we only see the improbability of the impossible ever taking place through us. God meets us with an empowering answer when questions of our limitations arise.

The power of how happens when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. When God asks the impossible of us, it’s accompanied with the promise of His ability and power to perform the task. God sends the Holy Spirit with power. So present is His power with us, He makes what seems impossible possible.

He gives power to the weak, nervous, insecure and unqualified. He gives power to pray for those who have hurt us. He gives power to love the unlovable. He gives power not just to a special few, but to each one of us.

Before we receive God’s power, we are selfish and insecure and unforgiving. When His power overshadows us, forgiveness, prayerfulness and loving, along with all the fruit of the Spirit, is born through us. To have the same humble response as Mary, is to yield to God’s will by praying, “be it done to me according to your word.”



Have you taken matters into your own hands instead of trusting the power of how?