Ecclesiastes 12:1

We are taking a break from our study in the Book of Mark and offer this daily devotional in the interim.  We will resume our study of Mark after the first of the New Year.


Seek God Early



“Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, . . .” Ecclesiastes 12:1



The key to understanding the writer of Ecclesiastes rests in the single word “before” and his message to embrace the world while it is still alive with all of its possibilities. He insists that great change will quickly come to the young that will rob them of their joy, courage, and vitality. Once these things are gone, only a shell of what was will remain. The preacher calls for youth to seek God in early life before the difficult days.

He describes the “before” days as a time when the sun and moon and stars are bright. It is a time for visions and dreams, and a time when nothing is impossible. Seek God then, when every dream of God can be your dream. “Before” is a time of strength and power when the young do great exploits. Seek God when all your vitality remains.

“Before” is also a time all the doors are open with opportunity. Fair or not, as one grows older, doors begin to shut and possibilities narrow. The challenge is to seek God when there is unlimited potential to complete His will and fulfill your destiny.



Are you seeking God at this stage of your life? Seek God and your vitality remains. Nothing is impossible.