Luke 1:41-42

During this season of Advent, we will be taking a break from our study in the Book of Mark and will instead offer daily devotionals for you to read aloud with your family, pertaining to this Advent season.  We will resume our study of Mark in a few weeks.


Don’t Hesitate To Celebrate



“. . . she was filled with the Holy Spirit, and sang out . . .” Luke 1:41-42



There is power in praying for one another, especially when it’s connected to confession. More often than not, when prayer requests are shared in a group, the atmosphere becomes gloomy, as if a storm cloud has settled over the group. The focus shifts to sickness, pain, lament execrations, and unfulfilled needs. There’s more attention given to what God should do to fix each individual’s difficultly.

Too often, we focus only on what we want God to do and forget to celebrate all the amazing things of God’s work. Maybe we are sidetracked by seeing God as a handyman we only call when we are in trouble. Our tendency is to take for granted all that God has done, is doing and will do, and focus only on the things He needs to do for us. 

After hearing Mary’s announcement, Elizabeth’s joy cannot be contained and she does not hesitate to celebrate what God has done in Mary’s life. Elizabeth could have been jealous, after all, her pregnancy had come after decades of waiting, but her response is absent of any selfishness. Not everyone responds to God’s blessings in other’s lives positively as Elizabeth did.

God had chosen Mary to birth and raise the Messiah, and the reaction of Elizabeth is, “Why am I so honored that the mother of my Lord should visit me?” This is a lesson on how to celebrate God’s blessings in the lives of others. It’s a challenge for each of us not to be so preoccupied with what we don’t have, that we forget to cheer for the good things God is giving others.

Advent is a time for us to be overwhelmingly joyful about the coming of our Messiah and the opportunity for others to feel Him moving inside their hearts for the first time.



What is something God is doing in someone else’s life you notice? Tell them you notice and you thank God for it. Keep your eyes open to the amazing gifts of God in others this Advent season.