Mark 11:22

The Faith Of Jesus



“. . . Have faith in God.” Mark 11:22



 Many believers get by with a pocket full of platitudes. At first, this verse might seem like just another clever phrase for a Christian bumper sticker. However, it represented the core of Jesus’ teaching. Have faith in God summarizes Jesus’ personality, mission and life. If we want to see what faith in God is at its best, we need only look to Jesus. This Jesus kind of faith in God may seem too lofty and unattainable. Right? It is too high, we cannot attain it. It’s the awareness of our weakness and inadequacy which prevents us from living such faith.

Yet, it’s into our realm of life Jesus calls us. “Follow me” comes directly to us. Jesus directs us to have faith in God and incarnates both the ability to believe as well as the result of believing. No disciple is required to generate their own faith in God. Instead, Jesus gives us His faith.

Jesus’ faith was confidence in the rule of God. Jesus knew the world was in the hands of His loving Father. Therefore, He could say “love your enemies,” because for Jesus, the ability to love sprang from God, the source of love.

Jesus’ faith was trust. He placed His life trustingly in the hands of God. Faith has a voice. We hear it from the lips of Jesus as He hangs on the cross, “Father, to Your hands I commit My spirit!” (Luke 23:46) If you listen you will hear Jesus express this throughout His whole life from beginning to end.

Jesus’ faith was obedience to the will of God. Faith in God determined the outcome of all Jesus’ living. Jesus drew nourishment from believing and obeying His Father. Faith should be just that to all believers. It’s the faith of Jesus given to us that brings meaning peace, power, joy and connection to the great purposes of God.



Jesus, thank You for giving me faith to have faith in You.