Mark 12:9

During this season of Advent, we will be taking a break from our study in the Book of Mark and will instead offer daily devotionals for you to read aloud with your family, pertaining to this Advent season.  We will resume our study of Mark in a few weeks.


God Will Find a Way!



“. . . He will come . . .” Mark 12:9



Jesus has always been met with resistance. At His beginning, “The light broke into the world and darkness did not receive Him.” Herod became enraged and sought to kill Jesus. He came to His own home, and His own people did not receive Him, but God is never at a deadend, He is never out of options.

This should be good news and capture the attention of our soul. When natural ways through which His arrival are blocked, God moves into life through unexpected and unrecognized ways. He has never been blocked by the rejection of His truth by any system or organization naturally thought to have been great channels of proclamation.

This is one of the lessons found in the Christmas story. At the time of the birth of Jesus, there were places in Judea where babies were born. But those places were closed to Joseph and Mary. So, God used an unlikely place – a stable. The Son of God was born in a barn. God is master at making a way where there seems to be no way.

One might expect the revelation of God to come through organized church. But, if His people close their eyes, ears, and hands to the needs surrounding them, God continues to speak, calling up a new generation who’ll give their allegiance to the advancement of His kingdom. A generation with a heart for God’s truth, God’s justice, God’s love for the lost and the least. God always finds a way to get His Son into the places and people who need it most.

God will not be hindered by anything or anyone. This should stir our heart to continually believe and trust Him. The situations in which we find ourselves, scream there is no answer, no cure, and no way out. For all who are surrounded by nay-Sayers and negativity, remember nothing and no one can stop Him from making good on His promise and power to deliver.

If it looks as though all the doors of opportunity have been locked to you, and all the windows of dreams have been sealed shut, fear not, God will knock down the wall and make a new way. The God of Christmas cannot be stopped.



Is your God the God of the impossible?