Psalm 118:22

First Place



"The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone." Psalm 118:22



In response to the religious leader’s opposition, Jesus quotes Psalm 118:22. It's said to be based on an incident in the building of Solomon's temple. While the workers pressed eagerly forward, they were brought a stone taken from the ruins of the old temple. Looking at its size, shape and color, it was deemed to be useless and thrown aside. As the work proceeded toward completion, a stone of a certain size was needed for the joining of walls. The builder looked at stone after stone without finding one that fit the requirements. Then someone remembered the discarded stone. They discovered it was this stone that would fit into place and give strength to the whole structure.

Our natural tendency is to disregard things that don't seem to fit into our expectations. King David was first rejected by his family as having any kingly potential, but ultimately, was chosen by God and became the builder of Judah. Likewise, Jesus was rejected by elders and chief priests, yet became the head, the corner of all of God’s work. No matter our limitation, we can never let the opinions of others dictate our usability for God.

Our life is kept in order by the great architect. He has not placed His design in our hands. The mistake we are apt to make is to confuse our working plans for the final one. God is our master builder. The rejection we face by others will not detour God from building our life into what He has planned. We must resist the urge to judge our future based on present circumstances. God works from a different vantage point. We must constantly keep our hearts open and our spirits teachable.

Talent, opportunity, connection and charisma are not the issues keeping Jesus as our cornerstone. The stone is intended to be the key stone of our life which will bind the wall together. The stone holds strong when He is the Lord Savior and redeemer of our heart. Keep Christ in His own place and never forget He is the first place.



Have you given a rightful place to the cornerstone or have you rejected Him?