Mark 12:10

The Battle



". . . The stone which the builders rejected, . . ." Mark 12:10



Jesus is aware of the increasing opposition against Him. He knew it meant His death was near. In the midst of it all, He is extraordinarily calm and assured. It does not mean defeat, but great success that will usher in God’s reign. Jesus is in doubt. As Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard, He could see the rejection in their faces. Their resolve to kill Jesus cries, "The stone you rejected has become the cornerstone.”

The battle that has gone on for the three years of Jesus’ ministry has been reenacted throughout history. Beginning with Lucifer’s titanic, antagonistic insurrection in heaven, which brought the cosmic struggle into the earth, it has been the root cause of the wide range of accumulated resistance. The instinct to oppose the Savior was bred into the heart of mankind by the enemy. 

Light came into the world and the darkness opposed it. Mankind created philosophies to fight against the ways Jesus constructed scientific formulas which alienate faith. They have tried to construct religious systems in order to be at peace with personal compromise. They have used the cross as a symbol of war against others. With a spirit of resistance to justify violence, they have created a doctrine of force.

The spirit of the heart is "Life exists for me," "Give me my rights, get out of my way, I want what I want and I will have it my way!" It’s being fought out in every individual’s life. That’s the real battleground. If Christ is to win, it will begin in the heart. Yet, in the face of rejection, Christ invades the enemy’s territory. In the face of opposition, God’s kingdom is consistently advanced.

When tenderness and mercy are opposed, we fight to stay in communion with Jesus, both in the secret places of the heart, and in the field. We must hold onto His righteousness and the might of His love, to be sure of God’s victory over opposition. Then, we too will say, He has become the cornerstone.



Dear Jesus, be the cornerstone of my life.