Mark 12:4

Teach Me To Love the Father



"And again He sent another . . ." Mark 12:4



God took the initiative. This is a picture of God’s love for us. He pursues us and seeks to save us. There are two characteristics this story emphasizes. 

God’s love is persistent.

God was patient with Israel. Theirs is a long history of conflict with God. But over and over He sent prophets one after another to warn them. One servant after the next came to the vineyard of Israel and asked for fruit, but went away empty-handed. They mocked and despised God’s prophets. Hundreds of years passed before the wrath of the Lord was aroused against His people.

Our Lord is patient. We should be thankful that He has not dealt with us according to our sin, nor has He rewarded us according to our iniquities. God is unwearied in His persistency; His love is long, deep, high and wide, reaching into the lowest of low and lifting us up to purity. God’s love out lasts, out persists, out endures every human love.

We have often provoked Him, resented, refused and rejected Him and sent Him away. We have often turned a deaf ear, but God’s love is persistent. We should be careful not to presume the goodness of God; instead hear mercy cry out to return to Him.

God’s love is self-sacrifice.

How eager and anxious was the master of the vineyard to reach the ones there, to restore right between them and Him. God sends His only Son knowing full well what He was sending Him into. This is self-sacrificing love. How much God must have loved us who have grieved Him, that gave His Son to save us. We have no way to comprehend the depth of sacrifice of what an infinite price the gift cost God.

If the world treated us the way it treated God, we would tear the world to pieces. But God forgets and forgives, blots it out and comes again and again with His offer. His heart can only love.



Take me to the cross and teach me of your persistent love.