Mark 12:6

Teach Me To Love The Son



"He had one . . . beloved son; . . ." Mark 12:6



The human heart is not good. In our culture, bad decisions are explained away by saying, "Hey, I have a good heart." Personal wickedness is rationalized, "Hey, I'm following my heart." The human heart is deceitful. Men and women are capable of deeply hurtful acts, all while aware of the privileges of knowing God, having heard His word and miracles.

May we never fall for believing the lie that we are basically good. We must resist the idea that knowing and seeing what is good is enough to create salvation. Nothing but the spirit of God can change the human heart.

Only once Jesus become a man and live, did people see God face to face. They saw Him holy, harmless and doing good to others. Yet they would receive Him, reject Him and kill Him.

Jesus is God’s only beloved son. Jesus’ entire life was shaped by this one truth. Jesus had a unique relationship with God, His heavenly Father, which was contrasted by others who had gone before Him. Moses, Samuel, Isaiah, and Jeremiah were servants. Jesus was the beloved Son. 

Jesus taught His followers to know God as their Father and to think of themselves as His children. He taught His disciples to pray "our Father." Even among the twelve, He spoke of God as Father, "I ascend to my Father and your Father." In scripture, we are granted a few moments to listen to Jesus as He prayed to God as Abba, Papa, Father.

Moses could not look on God who dwelled in unapproachable glory. But Jesus addressed God tenderly, intimately. Jesus’ experience of God was so full, so vibrant, so intimate, like a child sitting on His father’s lap, that it could only be described as Abba.  

Because of His crucifixion and resurrection, we are adopted and granted the same relationship with God as our Father. There is a beautiful sense to experiencing God as our Father. We learn it by loving the only begotten Son. Let the weighted heart cry out, teach me to love.



Are you learning to love God like the Son of God loves?