Mark 11:22-23

The Obedience Of The Life



“Have faith . . . and not doubt . . .” Mark 11:22-23



Faith. There is no simpler word covering the spiritual journey. Yet, there has not been a word so misused and misunderstood. There’s not a word which has more diverse opinions and meanings. It’s used to refer to a type of mystical perception, or sometimes is a reference to having confidence in a system or a principle. To many, it’s a technical term, a symbol of a theological point of view; to others it has to do with personal assurance of one’s eternity. It’s also been used as a term of blind certainty to authority. But the use of Jesus’ faith has a much more practical quality.

The faith Jesus said one must have before the impossible could take place, was faith in God. He has been speaking to His discouraged disciples about faith and what it could do in overcoming obstacles. To emphasize what He had been saying, He pointed to a hill on which the temple stood, and assured them that if they had faith, they could break down the spiritual tyranny and free the souls of others from the influence which had made Jerusalem a city subjected to laws and lies.

The freedom from the spirit of religion seemed an impossible feat, but with God all things are possible. It would only take place by being in line with God’s will and strengthened by His spirit.

Faith is loyalty to the will of God, coupled with the conviction that, in spite of difficulty, delay and defeat, God’s will is advancing in power and glory. Jesus’ view of faith was more than mere belief in God. When He told His disciples to have faith in God, He was asking them to act on their belief. He never called anyone to a faith that He did not require the courage to adventure. 

It’s not enough to give mental assent and approval, faith must have action. Faith is belief ingested into the will, then metabolized into purposeful action. It’s the giving up of one’s self to do the will of God – this is the obedience of the life.



Has trouble, distraction and confusion kept you from having a focused faith?

Are you hesitant to believe? 

Have you stacked everything on your faith in God?